BACKGROUND - Competence building and supplier relationship continued to shape our company

Middle East Fish was originally founded in the year 2003 in the Sultanate of Oman as a consulting company named Ocean World LLC by two young Germans and a local fish expert. Their first consulting project within the Oman fish industry happened to be a success and thus called the attention of further investors and partners. The experiences gained with their first project lead the young team to focus more on the actual fish export business.

For reasons of infrastructure, especially flight connections, the company moved to Dubai (UAE) and took over a more specific name. They had realized very quickly the large number of problems as well as the great opportunities for change that existed in this incumbent industry. New partners with excellent contacts within the European food industry accelerated the success of Middle East Fish. Small test consignments quickly turned into regular shipments of fresh fish supplies to destinations in Germany and other European countries.

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