PRODUCT HANDLING & QUALITY - The combination of high technology and traditional fishing

From the point of catch to the point of shipping, it is our continuous endeavor to maintain the temperature of the fish thus preserving the freshness and quality. We aim to improvise on our services and should you have any suggestion on our system do advice us. Since maintenance of temperature is essential from the point the fish is caught to the point it reaches the customer, we supply quality Ice to the fishing boats. On arrival the fish is quickly shuttled to the factory to be weighed and graded under temperature controlled plant floor. To prevent excessive handling of Fish, the packing is done immediately and fish is layered between plastic sheets. Ice packed in double sealed packets to form a layer under and over these plastic sheets to maintain the temperature of the fish during its entire journey to the point it reaches your destined airport. From the plant to the airport, the carriage is via temperature-controlled van, at the airport we have tied up with on of the leading Europe based Logistic companies to manage our cargo at the airport.

Key concepts are product innovation, HACCP quality procedures and strict quality monitoring by employees or partners at the source which enable Sultan Trade to safeguard quality and the continuity of supply and meet the demands of the buyers and suppliers.

All suppliers have to meet the highest quality and hygiene standard (HACCP controls and ISO certificates). Furthermore, Sultan Trade uses only the most reliable transportation and logistics partners in order to guarantee a closed cooling chain (0° - 2°C).

Far away from any commercial fishing industry, the traditional fishing methods, clean oceans and strict resource controls by local governments, ensure the best quality of our products. The local fishermen exclusively use traditional fishing methods, either by short/long lines or by using traps. Net fishing, as in the commercial fishing, are never used. These catch methods guarantee the best meat quality of the fish and the security of its natural habitat.

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